Technical Information

CGW XXL Z3 Flap DiscsOutgrind the Competition

CGW XXL Z3 FlapDisc Top Competitor Flap Disc
1/3 le ss life

*Each 40 grit flap disc was

 tested on carbon steel

 for one 5-minute cycle.

CGW 4 1/2 Z3 Flap Disc Comparison 


Flap Disc Type

Regular (pg 14-15) - Fast removal rate for aggressive use and heavy duty applications.
Compact (pg 17) - Hybrid compact disc design - Flaps are compressed and compacted at a 4 dgree angle. 20% more material then regular Z3 flap discs
Ultimate (pg 16) - Z3 Ultimate flap discs have fewer flaps then Z3 XL flap discs which allows the material to further spread out reducing heat generation for easier break down compared to XL discs.
XL (pg 14-15) - Approximately 35-55% more material then regular Z3 flap discs.
XXL (pg 17) -    10-20% more material   then XL flap discs. Extra wide flaps for longer working life.

                                      Note: 40 grit discs shown